Accessible baths for independent and assisted living

Enjoy A Real Bath with Safety and Independence

Aquassure Accessible Tubs give you a real bathing experience. Stretch out, relax, and enjoy bathing as it was meant to be.

Aquassure’s universal design bathtubs differ from the standard walk-in bathtub. You can stretch out your legs and relax in a full-size, deep soaker tub, immersing your back and shoulders in warm, soothing water. They are accessible from wheelchairs, walkers, and lifts. They are the same five foot length as a standard bathtub for trouble-free installation. Safe, accessible, full-size baths designed for everyone. Elevated, so you are always supported, and don’t have to climb up and down. It’s like getting in and out of bed. Aquassure Accessible Tubs were developed with collaboration of two universities and several health organizations.

Slide in bathtub simple and safe bathing experience

Aquassure Accessible Tubs:

Aquassure’s patented sliding door won’t get in the way of your legs and feet, and doesn’t need extra clearance in front of the bath. Bathe in comfort and safety with all controls in easy reach. A hand shower is available, so you can easily wash your hair. Our Safety Plus System provides maximum water flow while maintaining a safe temperature to prevent scalding. Experience Aquassure hydrotherapy baths for maximum the health and circulation benefits.