At Arizona Therapeutic Walk-In Tubs we have a fair and honest pricing policy. Everyone gets the same price. We don’t determine your price by what we think you can afford or by how well you can negotiate. If we have a sale going on then everyone gets the sale price whether they know about it or not. If your neighbor has the same bathroom and the work is the same the price will be the same. How would you feel if your neighbor received a better price than you for the same work?

Most in home sales companies start their price high hoping you will say yes. The sooner you say yes the more money they make. When you say no they offer you phony discounts and price gimmicks that add no real value. They keep coming up with discount after discount until maybe you say yes. Sometimes they will even pretend to call their boss to get you a special discount. Or they have an open box tub that was used for a home show or display that you can purchase at a ridiculous savings. They want you to make a decision “today” as they know if you shop around and compare you would probably not do business with them.

We don’t do business that way. We don’t have any senior discounts, AARP discounts, instant rebates, factory direct pricing, prices that are “only good today” or pricing that is good for a year if you just schedule an appointment, so we can give you the information. These are just phony discounts and gimmicks. What really matters is the bottom line. Of course we want to earn your business the day we visit with you as it helps use to operate more efficiently, but we will be happy to gain you as a customer next week, next month, next year.

If you shop and compare “apples to apples” we are confident that you would choose Arizona Therapeutic Walk-In Tubs as the best value. We are licensed contractors, pay sales taxes, are properly insured, an Accredited BBB Business, employ professional experienced installers, and only use quality products. We will always provide you with a detailed written quote, brochure for the tub, warranty information, references, and a price that we will honor for 30 days even if we have a price increase from our suppliers. We have a warehouse with the most common sizes and configurations of tubs in inventory for quick install or pickup.