The Arizona Registrar of Contractors advises homeowners to protect themselves by hiring only licensed contractors.

Licensed Contracting is the Law.

Licensed contractors offer many protections to the property owner. For example, licensed contractors must pass trade exams and demonstrate verifiable adequate experience to perform the construction authorized by their license and must pass a business exam.

Licensed contractors also must possess insurance and bonds that provide financial protection if an accident occurs on your property, or the work doesn’t comply with minimum construction standards.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

Just because the ad or the Contractor says they are, doesn’t mean it’s true!

If the Company is licensed, they are required to provide their Arizona Registrar of Contractors License number on all advertising, business cards, quotes, contracts, websites, etc. If they are not licensed they must state “Not a Licensed Contractor” and they are limited to projects that are less than $1,000 dollars under the “Handyman” exclusion. That is the law in Arizona.