How to detect fake walk in bathtub review websites

Let’s face it, the walk in bathtub industry is competitive, in fact so competitive that some walk in bathtub companies go as far as publishing fake walk in bathtub review websites in hopes to squander business from their competition and steal themselves new customers. A fake walk in bathtub review website looks like an authentic review website and claims to offer unbiased comparison of different walk in bathtub products and customer service ratings from different manufacturers. The difference however is that these fake review sites are paid for by specific walk in bathtub companies and promote their product with stellar reviews and show their competitors negative reviews hoping to lure unknowing consumers into their scheme.

We’re noticing more and more fake walk in bathtub review websites and we are bringing consumer awareness to the matter in hopes that people don’t get duped by these schemes and do our part to put an end to fake review websites.

When you are searching for walk in bathtubs and come across walk in bathtub review websites here are red flags to look for to detect fake reviews:

1 One Company Promoted: Is the website promoting one company with perfect reviews and all other competitor companies show negative reviews or “imperfections” such as a lower star rating?

2 Negative Reviews Posted from Other Websites: Does the website have one company with 5 star reviews and competitors have 4 stars or less and show negative reviews posted from other websites?

3 Fake Review Badges: Does the review site have a fake seal of approval badge awarded to one company (in which that company posts the badge on their own website) but no other companies on the review website have the seal of approval?

4 BBB Accreditation: Does the review website offer a link to each company’s BBB Accreditation page for authoritative reviews?

5 Website Links: If the website has outgoing links to different walk in bathtub companies check the links for an affiliate tracking code. Many SEO companies will sell “consumer leads” by linking to the walk in bathtub company’s website. They will usually have a list of several companies with great reviews and when you click those links the walk in bathtub company will pay the SEO company for sending them visitors to their website.

6 Pay-Per-Click Ads: Is the review website coming up in Google or other search engine’s Pay-per-click ads? Think about this, why would an unbiased review site pay for unbiased reviews unless a company was paying for those ads and listing their company as the only company on the review site with positive reviews.

7 Links to Negative Review Websites: Does the review website have references or links to “negative only” review sites such as pissedconsumer.com or ripoffreport.com?

8 Pros and Cons: Is the review website equally balanced showing pros and cons of all walk in bathtub companies and products or does one company have all pros and all others show some pros as well as cons?

9 FTC Disclosure Statement: The Federal Trade Commission requires reviewers to declare any conflict of interest they have concerning the companies or products they review. If the review website contains affiliate links and they don’t disclose the fact or if their website doesn’t have a ftc disclosure statement, then their website is in violation of the law if they operate in the United States.

10 Ability to Post Your Review: Does the website offer you the ability to post your own review on the walk in bathtub company or product with a proof of purchase?

11 Proof of Purchase: Does the website show all proof of purchases for all walk in bathtub company products reviewed?

If any of these apply you are likely dealing with a fake walk in tub review website. As an aware consumer it’s always best to due your own due diligence when making a large purchase such as a walk in bathtub. First, check the BBB website for each company you are considering buying a walk in bathtub from– before contacting the company. If you want to have the walk-in tub installed check with your State’s Registrar of Contractors to see if the company is licensed and in good standing. Other authentic review sites that may help in your search are Consumer Reports, Angie’s List, Amazon, BizRate, Viewpoints, RateItAll, and Epinions.

Now that you are aware of these deceptive tactics described here, you can safely assume it is a fake review site and that anything appearing on the site is based not in truth, but in what’s most likely to generate sales for one company or it is a for profit lead generation website. If this article has helped you let us know your thoughts below.

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