Questions to ask before buying a walk in bath


Looking to purchase a walk in bath for yourself or a loved one? Here is some helpful information and questions to ask before purchasing a walk in bath from any company:

When buying a walk in bath there are generally three options available:

1Buy and install walk in bath yourself– If you are a handyman and understand the complexities of electrical, plumbing, and remodeling then buying a walk in bath and installing it yourself may be a good option. Before buying though you will need to verify walk in bath manufacturer will honor their warranty if it is self-installed instead of installed by a licensed contractor. You will also need to ensure the walk in bath you buy is ADA approved for safety and quality assurance.

2Have a general contractor purchase and install– Before hiring any general contractor to install your walk in bath, make sure they have expert experience installing walk in bath tubs and are fully insured. Ask for references and review the contractor with your State’s Registrar of Contractors. Many companies claim to be licensed and insured but in some cases they are not and if they do a poor or reckless installation job, you could be at risk financially and with your personal safety.

3Buy a walk in bath from a reputable walk in bath company– The safest and most convenient option is to buy your walk in bath from a reputable company that exclusively specializes in walk in bath sales, installation, and service. When buying from a company that does it all, you are ensured if you ever have problems or need replacement parts for your walk in bath, you can handle it all with one phone call. Local walk in bath companies are the easiest and most convenient to work with and you can be sure you will receive the best service as they are required to carry proper licenses and insurance and are required to uphold standards that protect you as the consumer.

Before hiring a walk in bath company or licensed contractor, here are some important questions to ask:

1Are you a licensed contractor and what are your license numbers? (Some companies will carry multiple licenses for contracting, electrical, plumbing, etc so find out all areas they are licensed in. Make sure to verify this with your State’s Registrar of Contractors)

2Are you an accredited BBB member? (You can always review any company at the Better Business Bureau website before calling to see if company has any complaints and review business information.)

3How long have you been in business? (A new company will not have the experience and record to review customer experience. A well established company with history of excellent service will protect you in the long run.)

4Do you have a local showroom where I can see different walk in bath tubs before I buy? (Nothing could be worse then getting your walk in bath delivered and realizing it is not the right fit for your needs and have the costly expense of return and replacement.)

5How many walk in baths have you installed? Then ask if they can provide any customer references to see customers opinion of their work.

6What is the warranty of the walk in bath and the installation? What all does the warranty cover and how long?

7What is the process if I need to have my walk in bath serviced? Do you personally come out to service my walk in bath or do you contract with a third party licensed contractor? (A company that does their own servicing locally will be the most convenient and reliable choice.)

After asking these questions, this will provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.  As a general rule it is always a good idea to get a quote from 3 different companies- but remember the lowest price isn’t always the best option. Compare warranty, years of experience, and quality of product overall when deciding which walk in bath is right for you.

We hope this helps you while making your decision before purchasing a walk in bath and installation. If you have any questions or comments, please reply below.

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